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Saturdays 7pm.  
WXIX Ch. 19.2  
TW Cable - Ch.994  
Insight - Ch.194  
Cincinnati Bell
Fiberoptics - Ch.258

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Style & Fashion

Style & Fashion with Nichole J. is a new series premiering on Fox19/Bounce TV’s hit television show New Xtreme Sounds, NXSTV.

New Xtreme Sounds, NXSTV is a one-hour Music & Entertainment Television Show airing prime time Saturday’s from 7 – 8PM. Currently in our third season on Bounce TV, NXSTV is proud to introduce our new and exciting 2014 Style & Fashion series.

Our viewers will join Nichole J. as she takes them in and around the tri state area exposing them to the latest in men's and women's fashion news, reviews, interviews, expert beauty advice, new style trends, what's hot and what's not! Featuring the hottest designers, the best area boutiques to shop and more!

NXSTV would like to invite you to be featured on Style & Fashion with Nichole J. Advertise your business and/or products to thousands of our loyal viewers on television. Reach new customers every week with our exclusive advertising packages that includes television commercial production, five days a week commercial airtime, sponsorship tags, web banners, social media outlet support and more! Associating your business with quality content and a relevant target audience will offer much higher market exposure than traditional ads. We have several promotional opportunities in our series that will showcase your products and/or services. Give us a call today!

The 2014 New Attitude Boutique's Flawless Fashion Show