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Music and

For over seventeen years New Xtreme Sounds (NXSTV) has captured the eyes and ears of young adults in Cincinnati and surrounding communities. With coverage of innumerable events from coast to coast and a special highlight on the tri-state’s music scene.

NXSTV provides viewers an up close and personal look into to the city’s most exciting events, interesting people, and dedicated businesses. During our 17 year run, airing on several networks including: UPN, WBQC 38, WOTH 25 and WKRP TV NXSTV has amassed an enormous music and entertainment library inclusive of national/local live concerts, artist reviews & interviews, music videos and much more.

New Xtreme Sounds now entering into our seventh (7) year on Fox 19’s Bounce TV line up. With programing geared towards young men and woman ages 18-55 NXSTV is uniquely positioned within the urban community.

Our affiliation with Bounce TV has
increased our visibility and our growing numbers of viewers. Your sponsorship grants you access to this prime market.

New Xtreme Sounds has proven it self as an cost effective tool for corporations and businesses both large and small to establish a direct link with the tri states area consumers.

We hope you will consider supporting New Xtreme Sounds and join other business and organizations, whose exemplary leadership has contributed to the success of Cincinnati Hottest Music and Entertainment Show, New Xtreme Sounds (NXSTV).

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