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N E W  X T R E M E  S O U N D S


JaminationsDCC one of Cincinnati’s leading media and entertainment production companies is looking for a self-motivated, organized and dedicated person to lead our Sales & Marketing team. Individuals should be business-minded and responsible adults with a passion for making the sale! Prior sales knowledge/experience a plus. The right individual will lead a sales team for NXSTV/Bounce- WXIX 19.2. which offers unlimited earning potential! Serious inquires only!

WANTED - Sales & Marketing Manager

If your interested in joining NXSTV crew please fill out the form and send a recent picture, with your resume/bio and a 2-3 min. video telling us why you could be or should be a host. Must be 21 or older. Video submissions can be youtube or vimeo link. Someone from our staff will contact you.

Videographers, editors and segment producers needed. Please fill out form and include area of interest and a link to recent works.

Music and entertainment television